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1 Nutrición Vegetal en el cultivo de la vid: Micronutrientes y elementos traza Details >>
2 Efecto del cambio climático en cultivos herbáceos de secano Details >>
3 Embryo growth and seed germination of four taxa of Narcissus (section Pseudonarcissi) conserved under non-recalcitrant seed conditions in germplasm banks. Details >>
4 Mineralogical and geochemical nature of calcareous vineyard soils from Alcubillas (La Mancha, Central Spain). Details >>
5 Nutrición vegetal en el cultivo de la vid Details >>
6 The stony phase as a differentiation factor in vineyard soils Details >>
7 Understanding the Quality of Local Vineyard Soils in Distinct Viticultural Areas: A Case Study in Alcubillas (La Mancha, Central Spain) Details >>
8 Assessment of mercury uptake routes at the soil-plant-atmosphere interface. Details >>
9 Currents Status of Las Tablas de Daimiel National Park Wetland and Actions Required for Conservation Details >>
10 Dinámica de la flora arvense en forestaciones de terrenos agrícolas Details >>
11 Ecología germinativa de los espinos Rhamnus lycioides subsp. lycioides y Rhamnus saxatilis (Rhamnaceae) Details >>
12 Editorial. Bio-Distritos Eco-Regiones Innovación Territorial Agroecológica Details >>
13 El problema del Hierro en la Nutrición de la Vid Details >>
14 Geochemical distribution of major and trace elements in agricultural soils of Castilla-La Mancha (central Spain): finding criteria for baselines and delimiting regional anomalies Details >>
15 La agricultura ecológica en el Congreso General de la Unión Europea de Ciencias de la Tierra (EGU): ocho años de andadura Details >>
16 La influencia de tu suelo en tu vino Details >>
17 Seed germination requirements of relictic and broadly-distributed populations of Chaerophyllumaureum (Apiaceae): connecting ecophysiology and genetic identity Details >>
18 Un nuevo sistema de barrera física para el control de la procesionaria del pino. Details >>
19 Approach to the potential usage of two wood ashes waste as soil amendments on the basis of the dehydrogenase activity and soil oxygen consumption Details >>
20 Can electrochemistry enhance the removal of organic pollutants by phytoremediation? Details >>
322 Articles << < 1234567891011121314151617 > >>

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