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1 Análisis del comportamiento de una red colectiva de riego considerando la programación de riego en parcela Details >>
2 Comparing evapotranspiration and yield performance of maize under sprinkler, superficial and subsurface drip irrigation in a semi-arid environment Details >>
3 El uso eficiente del agua ante el cambio climático Details >>
4 Effect of genotype and crop year on the nutritional value of walnut virgin oil and defatted flour Details >>
5 Effect of roasting conditions on pigment composition and some quality parameters of pistachio oil Details >>
6 Effects of land use and seasonality on stream water quality in a small tropical catchment: The headwater of Corrego Agua Limpa, Sao Paulo (Brazil) Details >>
7 Gestión del riego en zanahoria con limitación de agua. Riego deficitario optimizado Details >>
8 Implementación de una infraestructura de datos espaciales de patrimonio arqueológico: Tolmo de Minateda Details >>
9 Influence of genotype and crop year in the chemometrics of almond and pistachio oils Details >>
10 Model for management of an on-demand irrigation network based on irrigation scheduling of crops to minimize energy use (Part I): Model Development Details >>
11 Parametrization of CropSyst model for the simulation of a potato crop in a mediterranean environment Details >>
12 Pseudo-ductility in flexural testing of symmetric ±45° angle-ply CFRP laminates Details >>
13 Recycling of the biomass waste defatted almond meal as a novel nutritional supplementation for cultivated edible mushrooms Details >>
14 Remote sensing-based crop biomass with water or light-driven crop growth models in wheat commercial fields Details >>
15 Storage stability and composition changes of three cold-pressed nut oils under refrigeration and room temperature conditions Details >>
16 Using of appropriated strains in the practice of compost supplementation for Agaricus bisporus production Details >>
17 A comprehensive approach to pistachio oil production Details >>
18 A territorial approach to assess the transition to trellis vineyards in special protection areas for steppe birds in Spain Details >>
19 Application of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) to the processing of compost used in the cultivation of button mushroom Details >>
20 Artificial neural network to predict vine water status spatial variability using multispectral information obtained from an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Details >>
122 Articles << < 1234567 > >>

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